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According to the principle of operation, industrial and household vacuum cleaners are the same. The main difference is in design and in designation. The household appliance is designed for normal cleaning. It cannot be used continuously to remove fine dust from concrete.

It is not equipped with filters that can hold it. As a result, it, together with the air, gets back into the room. At the same time part of it settles on the engine and other working parts of the top-rated vacuum cleaner, which in time will necessarily lead to its breakage. Industrial dust collector is designed specifically for cleaning concrete and other building dust.

From the home appliance it is distinguished by a shock-resistant housing, a long hose, a large dust collecting tank, a sophisticated air purification system, as well as high power and increased productivity. The best vacuum for concrete floors without interruptions.

Before choosing an industrial construction vacuum cleaner, you need to decide for what purposes it will be applied. How much time it should work without interruptions, what kind of garbage will be removed.

As dust is divided into several classes of danger:

Low - construction debris

Medium - concrete or wood dust, copper, manganese and the like. High - asbestos, lead, fungi, mold, viruses. Explosive and easily flammable. With a low hazard class, the vacuum cleaner must retain at least 99% dust, with an average and high 99.9%. 1.

Types of dust collectors

The construction dust collectors of concrete are divided into bags. In the first case, the device can be equipped with a multi-or disposable bag - of cloth or paper. Vacuum cleaners for the removal of concrete floors without a mock type are also divided into 2 types - aqua and with a container.

Sacks of fabric

They are the most common due to the fact that they can be bought at a low price. After the bag is filled with garbage, it is pulled out of the vacuum cleaner, shaken out and inserted back. Tissue bags have a long service life, so they do not have to be changed frequently.

Durable synthetic fabrics are used for production. The only drawback of fabric bags is that they can pass a part of very fine dust together with the air outside. But even then, this amount will be extremely small, as many vacuum cleaners for cleaning concrete floors are made with two-layer bags.

Disposable paper bags perfectly retain even very fine dust. Therefore, the air in the room after cleaning will be absolutely clean. The filled bag is pulled out and discarded along with the garbage. In its place a new one is being installed - this is one of the drawbacks of paper containers.

They will often have to be bought. To all this, you cannot clean up large and sharp rubbish, for example, small pebbles and glass, since a paper bag can tear because of them.

Vertical vacuum cleaners 2-in-1 - a rational solution for small apartments

We will not talk about how useful household vacuum cleaners are - we all already know about them. Obviously, with their appearance cleaning in the house has become easier, more convenient, more efficient. Let's talk about something else - how to make it more comfortable and organized. Especially if you are the owner of a small apartment.

By mobility, vacuum cleaners distinguish stationary and portable. Latest are characterized by better ergonomics, since they exclude the use of wires, which means that they are mobile in themselves. Even better, when the portable vacuum cleaner is multifunctional. This is a vertical type with a 2-in-1 function. This classification includes models that combine vertical and manual vacuum cleaners.

Such a universal device is suitable for dry cleaning of not only carpets, hard floors. But also soft furniture, car interior.

We suggest to understand, what technical characteristics are allocated vertical vacuum cleaners 2-in-1, what are their advantages and where is it better to use them.

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Vacuum cleaners without a bag for dust collect garbage by the centrifugal force that arises in the tank. Used for cleaning large, raw waste.

Such vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise, since rubbish touches the walls of the container during operation. Before choosing such a dust collector, it should be borne in mind that the apparatus with a bag is less contaminated with cleaning filters. Aqua. In vacuum cleaners of this type, air passes through water. As a result, debris settles in it. Fine dust gets stuck in the next section of the dust collector.

Such a vacuum cleaner is considered the best. The main drawback is a high price, and it ca not clean up a lot of waste at a time. In addition, it requires frequent replacement of water, and for capital and large-scale works such an option is extremely inconvenient. In addition to differences on the types of dust collectors, building vacuum cleaners differ in filters.

They are one- and reusable. Are made more often from synthetic components. It depends on the filter that how clean the air will leave the vacuum cleaner, and how long it will work without breakages.

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